Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Harbor Freight - assclowns

hf garbage 1
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so, everyone loves harbor freight (heavy sarcasm here.) yes, they have good deals and amazing sales. yet the tools are cheap and won't last long. i live within sigh of the harbor freight in n. portland. actually, i'm looking at the building right now as i blog. today, whilst walking home from the farmer's market via n. interstate, i came within a block of harbor freight and began seeing the trash. THE TRASH was everywhere. warranty cards, packing slips, general packaging trash! i'm pissed off because it's the same in thier parking lot as if they don't care about the neighborhood.
checkout the pictures of the trash.

hf garbage 7hf garbage 6hf garbage 4

and their parking lot:
hf garbage 10

so, if you love harbor freight, tell them you don't love thier garbage. tell them they are responsible for thier patrons actions. they are responsible for the trash even though it's not them leaving it (eventhough we all know it's them.)

hf store

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