Saturday, March 19, 2005

5 firetrucks later

can't get you any pics, but there's something going on down the street. to give you some info - we live amongst some of the better trash of portland and thier section 8 housing. we've battled drug dealers, weapons violations, 2 weeks of waking up @ 5am by the popo SERT team and thier tank. Well, a few minutes ago, I thought I heard an explosion. it's kinda stormy, so I didn't think much of it until the firetrucks started rolling by. yep, one of the troubled apartment buildings was surrounded and you can smell something that was burning. meth? hmmmmm. funny thing - our street is one that a hook-n-ladder can't come down because of a small corner. all the trucks end up getting backed up behind each other. they are quick though - the firehouse is about 100yrds from this apartment. heehee.

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