Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Walk up mississippi

when you read that, do you spell it out? m.i.s.s.i.s.s.i.p.p.i..... hee hee. well, on my walk home, i decided to cruise up mississippi to get a feeling of what's coming next for the street. first off, came upon the newly remodeled Rebuilding Center. Wow. The new space is amazing. Large, open and clean. also, the whole space, including what will become the lumber yard, is all under cover. amazing.
Next up was Mississippi commons. What used to be a decrepit white cinder block eysore is now a group of business spaces open for new ideas. The first to open was PIN and then Belle Epoque. I was exited to see these two businesses. Today, my excitement peaked. As I walked past Belle Epocqu, I began to see that the other businesses had posted what they were and when they were opening. Here's the rundown:

Bridge City Comics - opening April 1 - obviously a comic store.
Memoir - Handmade Gift Boutique - handmade soaps, candles etc.
Salty's Dog Shop - Pet store
Blue Gardenia - Handcrafted Baking and Coffee Roasterie
G Nome - Men's and Women's clothes - retro, vintage, high fashion
Laughing Planet Cafe - if it's anything like the locale off SE. Belmont, I am excited. Burritos

And lastly, but the only open business.....

Lorenzo's - Italian restaurant and deli - we actually walked down there this evening with the pups and brought home wonderful Putanesca - booya to Lorenzo.

So, come to N. Mississippi and support some new small businesses. I'll be there. Find me and I'll buy you a beer @ Amnesia Brewing.

more on the Trader Joe's to be coming to Nopo in a few days.
13312 total steps today.

ps: don't forget grandpa's bar-b-que, mississippi pizza, pistals nursery, bold sky cafe, pasta bangs, the crow bar, gravy, cuckoo, equinox, fresh pot and the albina press......


Nancy said...


I'm moving to N. Albina at the end of the month! Thanks for all the great info on all the new stuff going on around N. Mississippi! I can't wait to move into the area. Maybe my husband and I will run into you when we're out walking our dogs! I need to find a job when I get there and the Salty's Dog Shop sounds perfect as I'm a dog lover!!! Any info on who to talk to there?


brett said...

My suggestion would be to walk down to Mississippi Commons. There is a sign on the door of Salty's Dog Shop regarding contact info and jobs. We have met the owner and she is a fellow dog owner and dog lover and lives around the corner. There are a few other shops around there opening soon also that have job openings also.

Matt said...

Hey Brett,

I have to echo Nancy's sentiment. We love your webpage. It only makes us more excited to move into our new digs. We especially enjoy your perspective and humor.

Soo... How's that new comic shop? Are they going to carry mostly the new, big press stuff like DC/Image/Marvel or will they carry smaller press? (and by "smaller" I just mean the not really small Top Shelf, D&Q, Fanta, IDW, etc...)

Thanks again for your website. We'll look forward to stalking you when we get to the neighborhood.

The lovely Mr. Howl