Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Frodo and Phoebe

Frodo and Phoebe
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Babies! Buggers! I love my pups. I would like to introduce you to Frodo (r) and Phoebe (l). Both are 2 yrs old and come from the same litter. We adopted them when they were 12 weeks old and about 2lbs. Frodo was first and we brought him home and just babied him. Then, when I ventured off to the east coast for work, I recieve a call that Phoebe was lonely and needed a home. Upon my return, there were two. These two little ones are now 5-6lbs each - still pretty small. They love us and hang with us every waking hr. Mind you, they sleep almost all the time, but when they are awake, they sit on our laps or snuggle in the blanket.
Currently, whilst I blog, Phoebe is nestled against my elbow, sitting on the arm of the lazyboy. Frodo is over on the couch staring at me and Franka (our troubled one) is chillin' on my lap snuggled up against the vent of the laptop.

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