Sunday, March 20, 2005

special day! one special day!

7 years ago, i stood on the deserted Kee beach at the end of the road on Kauai with the love of my life and six guests. i was stubborn and the only one not to remove my shoes when we walked out on the beach (it was a whole outfit thing at the time). my lovely bride wore a beautiful dress hand made by her accomplished cousin. our parents were present to celebrate this most amazing occasion. Katrama, our trancendental astrologer, officiated, including in the ceremony items of hawaiian culture and spirituality. after the ceremony, we all gathered to watch the sun set fully and then went to dinner to celebrate. oh, by the way, it had been lightly raining the balance of the day. the clouds broke around sunset and we remained dry the entire time.
happy aniversary Anna. i love you more than ever and look forward to the next 7 years. love you!

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