Monday, March 28, 2005

the kills march 2005

the kills march 2005 5
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The Kills. What else can I say? The fucking Kills! OMG, if you haven't heard them, drop what you're doing and go out and listen to them. If I could stream them, I would. The Kills! Went to the Doug Fir this evening to see The Kills. Opening bands were The Volumes and The Sights. Both opening bands weren't bad, actually pretty good. I enjoyed The Sights as they had a 60's sound ala the doors and the who with an organ and such.

Then, well, the Kills came on. VV and Hotel were fucking amazing. The waltzed on stage and rocked for 1 hr straight. they ripped through thier catalog and played some amazing tunes before taking a quick (2 minute) break. Thier encore began with my current fav - Rodeo Town. I have to say I had something to do with that song as I was chanting it when they walked out and was front and center when they began. The show was awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. And, vv looked at me. ME! She was all over me like jeans on an 80's punk. And she is one smokin' girl. Hotel isn't too bad himself. Photos from our evening out.
vv march 2005hotel march 2005 3vv march 2005 3
the kills march 2005 3

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