Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sailor building

front sailor bldg
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I walk by this building on a regular basis. I never had a name for it until I took this picture. I call it the "sailor building." why? well, there are reliefs of anchors way high up on the side of the building - alas, sailors. The building obviously has some character and should be used appropriately. Currently, the main floor is used for Wallbangers, a duelling piano bar for the 30 something $$$ crowd. I walk by and I think it's an old boarding house or maybe an auditorium - the windows are that colored glass you find in churches. Maybe it was a church. My theory? It's an old school flophouse for sailors and thier friends. There are the pianos on the ground floor, along with a bar obviously. On the upper floors, there is an auditorium, a disco, showers, steam baths, a spa (aveda no less) and a chapel. On the top floor, we're looking at high end lofts for captains and explorers. just a thought.
sailor bldg
side shot.


Christopher Elkins said...

"Maybe it was a church."

Good guess. It's actually the Ancient Order of United Workmen Temple.

Miles said...

Did you focus on this because of Brian Libby's piece? Libby Entry

Or just coincidence?