Sunday, March 20, 2005

what an adorable dog!

i am good looking
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frodo says hi. this is me on the beach. and god damn it, i look good. i've been couch bound and yet, haven't blown up like a balloon. in seaside oregon, we walked like 200 miles or so into town and back and along the beach and up to the rich part of town. we also drove up to astoria and did some other walking. crab! we had fresh crab! not one to work for my food, i actually embraced the crab and went for it. O.M.G. crab is good. now i gotta try lobster.

today, sunday. what a day. sunday's are those types of days when i get the feeling like i didn't get my homework done. soooooo, by noon, i'm all stressed out about getting stuff done by 5pm so i can then do my homework. i'm old enough not to have homework, so you get my dilemna. today, we awoke without power. according to PGE, it was equipment failure. i blame it on the high winds and aliens that came to us in the night. my but hurts a little also, but i won't go there. after sleeping in, we did our coffee jaunt down to The Albina Press where we were delighted by Billy's prowess as a barista. actually, Billy from The Albina Press won 3rd place in the US Barista Championship in Seattle Wa, last weekend. and they are only 4 blocks away. go check them out, they have free wi-fi and aren't a bike nazi type of locale.
since i'm telling you everything, after coffee, i chilled for awhile watching the history channell. i guess i never knew the japanese occupied a couple of alutian islands during wwII. now i know about that horrible battle. after lolly gagging around for a few hours, i decided to hook up the second dish connection in the house. wow, there's a lot to be done to support tv in this house. after a few hrs and a trip to home depot, i have the coax cable run from the dish to the master bdrm to support sattelite up there. weeeeee. sunday evening came and we watched deadwood - I LOVE DEADWOOD!.
tomorrow, i will begin walking again around portland - thus - walkingportland. check back for more stumptown fun.

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love muffin said...

God, I thought it felt like we walked TWO HUNDRED MILES. Geez louise.