Sunday, March 20, 2005

what's up with home depot

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home depot, or as i like to call it - hd, has some wonky pricing going on between it's website and retail stores. about a month ago, i blogged about finding a specific light fixture online for $25, but the store has the same item for $38. well, once again, i am stumped by yet another significant price difference. the cieling fan to the right was priced at the hd north of me at janzten beach for $99. i thought it was a great deal and it fit within our budget and design, so i called home to check if Anna liked it. she looked it up online and lo and behold, it's $79 online - here.
what's up with this? i'm tempted to contact the local attorney general, yet there is a business case here - they are two different stores. well legally that is true, ethically and morally, it smells like crap to me. i guess i need to start sourcing my items more online.
if Parr had better prices and more "hands on" selection, i would definately shop there more. luckily, we're getting a new lowes up at delta park. that will become my new favorite home improvement warehouse.
finished off the evening hooking up the cable in the master bdrm and building an eliptical machine.


Jenny said...

Hey Brett--
Anna just showed me the link to your blog and love it! Which is why it is really strange to me that I'm choosing to post a comment regarding Home Depot since there are lots of other really wonderful things you've mentioned. But, since my subconscious zeroed in on this as an opportunity to use my marketing know-how and thus attempt to look really, really smart and give me a cheap ego boost, I will offer this bit of commentary:

So, Home Depot can charge less for those products sold online because they completely cut out the in-person cashier, cost of shipping to the store, cost of managing the shipping, and cost of display/stocking which frees up their shelves for other items. This you probably knew, but what may also be of interest is that in fact, buying the item online for a cheaper price actually makes Home Depot MORE money. In other words, even though they are selling the item for less online, the amount of overhead they cut out by selling it that way is so significant that they are making a bigger profit than if you bought it in the store! This is why you get also get a break by buying your airline tickets online, etc.

You could look at this with rosey glasses and say, "Hey everybody wins here!" since both you and Home Depot get a better deal online. But on the other hand, what does this say about our society? That one day, ALL commerce will take place electronically and we will cut out the need to travel, the need to have stores, and the need for human contact altogether??!! That we will exist only in a virtual reality, chained to our computers????!!! That the Matrix is REAL??!!

Okay enough hysteria for one afternoon. Thanks for sharing your blog, Brett!!

Jenny Boehmer

brett said...

good perspective. i agree. ultimately, i wish we didn't have behemoths like hd or lowes and we still shopped at the local hardware store and lumber yard. alas, they are upon us so we chose how they affect us. hd donated tons of money to bush, so that's another reason they are on my poop list. my choices: support local retailers and spend more: money hopefully stays local and recirculates. buy from hd or lowes, support local workers (a little) but save some money - use that money for local causes? it's a thought. so save $20 on this cieling fan - how bout sending that $20 to Portland Rescue Mission. this way, i have that feeling like i'm saving money and i'm also helping someone out. thoughts?