Friday, March 18, 2005

you can by this for 1 million

you can by this for 1 million
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not really, it's only $875,000. Yep, just about 5 minutes drive from Seaside is this 1/3 acre with an amazing view. When we saw the flyer advertising it for that price, I was dumbstruck. To the North is an older 50's style hotel that could use some TLC and to the south is a single family house. If this lot is $875k, how much are the houses? Crap!
Our second big walk took us up the road to Tillamook head where there were some amazing properties and then back into town to blog and get some lunch. As we were nearing the coffeehouse, we came upon Artful Expressions, an art gallery on Broadway st. I was taken in by an amazing painting that ended up out of our budget, but whilst in the store, we did find another artist we fell in love with. Juli Adams does some crazy stuff and we ended up picking up a few of her prints. We got this one and this one and this one.

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Jennifer and Eric said...

Go to the Great Oregon Beach Cleanup tomorrow!

I am going!

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