Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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Another lunch review. Been away for awhile due to some downtime required by the doc. With said downtime, I should have been blogging about something, but alas, the site is called WalkingPortland and I was doing the opposite of walking.

Noho's - amazing. I have been a fan of Noho's lunch cart since 1995 when my buddy Brendon and I became regulars. They offer a different flavor on the whole bento thing. They have Phil's special, Korean and Teryaki. On the day I visited, it was about 70 degrees - yep, 70 degrees on March 2. I chose to order the Korean - a mix of garlic and sesame marinade on the grilled chicken. Amazing! My only complaint and this may be because I'm becoming a codger or something - they have a whole clique going on and I feel they're all laughing at me and my "old man" clothes. Oh well, I just choose to tip less.
YUM: lunchy

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