Thursday, March 03, 2005

OMG coffee

OMG coffee
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mmmm coffee. i have become a real connosisseur of coffee. call me coffee snob, a caffinator, coffeeman, whatever. I LOVE STUMPTOWN COFFEE. Recently I have chosen to wander down to the Stumptown coffee on SW 3rd avenue. This all started after my adventures with the chinese buffet. Now it is becoming commonplace. What I love about this cafe is A) history and B) love of the latte. History is - this location used to be the original Poker Face, a local vendor of trendy/stylish/fashion forward /cutting edge clothing. I remember visiting my first time and a friend dropped $750 on four pairs of jeans. I was wearing $20 Old Navy at the time, so I didn't get it.
That same locale is now Stumptown coffee and they are the only coffee shop I know of that has an in house DJ station complete with turntables and amps. They also produce a very dominant cup of coffee. I opt for the latte to my left and they don't disappoint me.

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Superinkygirl said...

I think I still might freak out if you spent $750 on four pairs of jeans.