Friday, March 18, 2005

escape to the million dollar condos

Blogging from a Tsunami zone- be ready for the siren. Upon arrival in Seaside on Wednesday evening exactly at 7pm, we did hear sirens - scary huh? The next day when we asked what it was, we were informed that they have regular sirens for the volunteer fire department. So, random sirens going off in this era of tsunamis, terrorism, bush. I think they should put up signs when coming into town stating such.
Our visit here has been a blast. We are staying at a friends house that is not the typical beach house. No seagull art and kitch anywhere. We did a major walk down the beach and through town. I've always had memorys of Seaside being a bit white trashy, but it's gone upscale. Broadway (where there were riots not 5 years ago during spring break) is still the kitch ridden cesspool I expected with the souvenir shops and bumper cars and arcades, but the rest of Seaside has taken on a new look. There is some serious money coming to the Oregon coast.
Seaside along with almost everything in Oregon is part of the whole Lewis and Clark legacy. Monuments to thier camps, thier discoveries, their outhouses, their bordellos.... I digress. Here in Seaside, we came upon a salt mine they built back in the 1800s.
l and c salt mines seaside
The remainder of the day took us up to Astoria. We were in a mood for some fresh crab. Strange, we drove along hwy 101 for about 30-45 minutes and didn't find anyone selling fresh crab. We did find some in Astoria, my favorite coastal town. AND - the opening weekend for The Ring 2 - filmed there. Astoria is a perfect place for a creepy movie. In our attempts to find the old Finnish Bathhouse, we did come accross some fresh crab. I also saw this old house - Ahhhhhh.
freaky old house astoria

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