Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sausage cart

sausage cart
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Like blog, I wanted to take some time to wander about and discuss the wonders that are lunch carts in puddletown. I know about THE POD and yes, there are locales there I will comment on, yet to begin with, I wanted to stay close.
CAVEAT - I work downtown, I love downtown, I eat downtown. YET - I am not going to go to every cart downtown as I sometimes don't care for what they offer. I am going to patronize those that appeal to me and the review them.
Back to WeenieFest - OMG. These are some of the best sausages in town. Our friend here offers bratwurst, double smoked brats, red hot brats, standard kosher dogs and more. he's freindly, convenient, has stone ground mustard and saurkraut as fixens. I am sold on this cart as it is 1 block from my office. granted, if i ate here every day, i wouldn't be my svelt self.


CC Baxter said...

Last time I was in PDX, I noticed there was a Plate Lunch cart near the Fox Tower. Don't forget to try Hawaiian plate lunch sometime.

Peterdope said...

A friend of mine, a fellow dog man, swears by the stand a few blocks north of borders. Check it out. Very popular with the fuzz too.